February 2009

This week, US News has a new poll up. Because, you see, a woman involved in politics should not only be good at her job, but also be able to run a day care center. As everyone knows, a career woman is most interested in watching kids. Actually, I’m pretty sure that it even says “must be able to run a day care” under job requierments for the House Speaker, Governor of Alaska, and House Speaker. (I am leaving the First Lady off the list, since I don’t think she has a specific job description.)

If anyone is interested, Sarah Palin is leading, followed by Michelle Obama. Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi barely have 3% each. I’m not sure if that makes me laugh or cry. Apparently, having a daughter who got pregnant in her teens is more impressive then having a daughter who graduated from Standford. And that’s if you ignore the assumption that these women only got as far as they have because of their child rearing abilities.

Where’s the poll for the random male government officials who keep playing with the Obama girls on television? I would trust Joe Biden far more with small children than Clinton, Palin, and Pelosi.

In other news, a man tried to bring snakes on a plane. At least I know how to react to this news story.


I generally do not have access to a radio (with the exception of Pandora) or a television, so I don’t see or hear a lot of commercials. However, today, while getting my nails done, I did have the pleasure of listening to a lovely light rock station. What intrigued me however, was one of the commercials.

A female therapist was trying to work with a married man about his issues about cable. He was complaining that his wife was recording sappy, emotional shows and he was developing feelings. The therapist recommended that he switch to a different company where he could also record his shows. The gentleman was much relieved about this because he wanted to go back to being a macho man.

My points:
1. Apparently, gender stereotypes still sell. Or at least sell enough that commercials are still based around them. Because everyone knows that women only watch sappy, over emotional dramas and guys love their sports. And of course the husband and wife couldn’t split the two recordings between themselves.

2. I’d like to take a moment to point out that while there are differences between men and women, they are more like the differences between a yellow and a red apple, rather than an apple and an orange. But as long as people keep thinking that men and women are different species (or fairly close to that) lovely commercials like this one will continue to air and sell.

3. So the message of the commercial is “Switch your television provider to our company, and stop being a caring, emotional person and go back to being a beer swinging jerk”?

Or maybe I’m just looking too much into something overheard while waiting for my French tip manicure to dry. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go catch up on this weeks Battlestar Galactica.

And just when I think that people can’t sink any lower, I read something like this.