Me and fashion have never gotten along very well. Oh, I always knew what looked pretty and what was just ottricious and what you would never, ever wear in public. That part was easy. Going into a store and walking out with clothes that fit has and always will be a nightmare. At under five feet and with an adult, curvy, body my shopping options are limited. Most stores don’t stock clothes that would fit me without tailoring. Thankfully, I at least always had the option of altering my clothes down to fit me.

Other women are not as lucky. The average woman’s size is far larger than what most fashion forward stores stock. As usual, the situation is not true for men. An average man can walk into most stores and find clothing that will fit and be fashionable and still fit into his budget. For a woman, the situation becomes more complex. The fashionable clothes simply are not sold in sizes that an average woman can wear. And the clothes that are designed for average and larger sized women are often of a fashion more commonly found on those who are in their fiftieth decade.

It seems that our culture today is embracing the thin ideal to such an extent that it is ignoring everything that does not fit. (No pun intended.)