Oh gender stereotyping, how I love you. Apparently women don’t like sports. (The blog post is making the opposite point, I however don’t actually have Cosmo to refer to.)

Personally, I’m not a big fan of sports. I find them rather boring to watch, and I’m not too good at them. But that’s my personal quirk and has very little to do with my gender and a lot more to do with the fact that I have no patience or attention span.

Also, I will most certainly not watch something just because a guy sitting next to me wants. (Of course, in my personal case it is far more likely to be a battle of Battlestar Galactica v. Star Trek rather than football v. a romantic comedy). What I find very interesting is that the people quoted in the article are supposed to be good at getting couples to stay together. HOWEVER, their advice is actually going against this goal. Couples that stick to traditional gender roles and interests are more likely to break up or get divorced than more adrogynous couples. (Androgynous here being used to describe gender roles rather than actual gender.)

Look at it this way, who has more in common and more to talk about: a stay-at-home mom who’s life revolves around her children and her businessman husband who spends his entire day surrounded by numbers or a two individuals who both work in the same industry? Generally, two people who share a job or interests or hobbies or anything else in common will get along better than two people who are nearly strangers to each other.