Adding to the list of things that amuse me for no apparent reason: bullet proof turbans. The thing is, a few months ago I was actually wondering why there are bullet proof vests, but not much for the head. A bullet to the head will generally kill your or leave you a vegetable. There’s a slight chance of survival with getting hit to the chest at least.

So as I do whenever I’m bored or have a question without an answer, I went looking. The problem with bullet proof anything on the head is that it’s not enough. A helmet (or bullet proof turban) will only stop the bullet from penetrating your skull. The problem is, you will still be hit on the head by a high velocity object. When a bullet hits you in the chest – even if the bullet proof vest stops it – it still will leave a bruise or even break a few ribs. A bruise on the chest and broken ribs hurt. A bruise on the head and a fracture in the skull can be potentially lethal.

Currently, technology to create a functional bullet proof head covering does not really exist. The biggest problem is fighting the laws of physics, and we haven’t quite made it there yet.

But the day we do? I really do want to see bullet proof turbans.