As I’ve mentioned before, I learned a lot during my summer as an assistant to a wedding planner. Among the things I learned is the fact that most women cannot pull off the sleeveless look. There is a very specific ratio of shoulder to arm to chest to rest of body that is necessary to not look well, kind of creepy really. Few women can actually do this.

Michelle Obama? Is one of these women. However, the media has decided that apparently, her arms are the only thing worth talking about her. As this kind of awesome video highlights, there are plenty of other things about her that can be commented on. But she has awesome arms, so who cares about her Ivy League education or professional history. It’s far more important that the First Lady appear Lady-like than actually act as a First Lady.

Of course, after the invention and popularization of television, the president also has to look presidential. That’s part of the reason Kennedy “won” the debates back in 1960, after all. Those who only heard the Kennedy v. Nixon speech had thought that Nixon won. However, those who had watched it – a far larger population – thought that Kennedy, the better looking candidate, had won.