Adding to the list of things that amuse me for no apparent reason: bullet proof turbans. The thing is, a few months ago I was actually wondering why there are bullet proof vests, but not much for the head. A bullet to the head will generally kill your or leave you a vegetable. There’s a slight chance of survival with getting hit to the chest at least.

So as I do whenever I’m bored or have a question without an answer, I went looking. The problem with bullet proof anything on the head is that it’s not enough. A helmet (or bullet proof turban) will only stop the bullet from penetrating your skull. The problem is, you will still be hit on the head by a high velocity object. When a bullet hits you in the chest – even if the bullet proof vest stops it – it still will leave a bruise or even break a few ribs. A bruise on the chest and broken ribs hurt. A bruise on the head and a fracture in the skull can be potentially lethal.

Currently, technology to create a functional bullet proof head covering does not really exist. The biggest problem is fighting the laws of physics, and we haven’t quite made it there yet.

But the day we do? I really do want to see bullet proof turbans.


I didn’t even know it was closed. I feel kind of silly for not knowing that for 8 years. I feel even sillier for feeling silly about not knowing about the status of a national landmark.

I have certain issues with baby names. As someone who has a strange, unpronounceable name that causes people to pause and stumble – or change into something else on the fly – I have gone through it all. There were many years in grade school that were spent using a different name just to stop the horrible butchering of my birth name.

So yes, I’m a big proponent of naming your children something that will not make you – or your kids – look back and cringe. I’m also a big proponent of both parents having to sign off on the name before it becomes official (if both parents are available) – that would have saved me a lot of name headaches.

I never understood naming your child after a political leader. What if they have different political views than you? What if the politician does something you would rather not have associated with your child? I also don’t understand giving your child a pop star’s name. There is even a greater chance of your child hating your – or the pop star – as they get older. Why torment the child?

And apparently, American baby names generally do agree with me. The top names are all easily pronounceable and don’t have definite ties to one specific person. Of course, there were a lot of Miley’s and Barack’s born this year. And Elvis’s. Let’s hope the children are fans?

I did find it interesting that while male names seem to not change much and stick to Biblical names, girl names are more likely to follow TV fads.

While not exactly two words generally used in the same sentence, the Vatican army is considering opening up to female recruits. A rather controversial move, seeing as how the 500 year-old army protects a religious city not known for it’s progressive views. But at least it does show that anyone can change. Or at least consider change.

Bristol Palin is back in the news. And now, she’s promoting abstinence only education. Apparently, she’s forgotten all about her comment about how it’s unrealistic. Or, more likely, her mother is still hoping for a presidential bid in 2012.

The summer after Freshmen year of college, I worked as an assistant to a wedding planner. I learned many interesting things during that time (including how much I really didn’t want to be a wedding planner) about weddings, wedding traditions, brides, and duct tape. My boss really liked her trivia, so I spent a very large amount of time researching wedding traditions and history.

Guess what? White dresses don’t equal purity. The tradition actually started during the time of Queen Victoria. And a white dress did not mean a virgin bride – though of course it can. A white dress actually shows that the woman wearing it has the money and opportunity to buy a dress in a non-practical color that she will never wear again. Shocking.

Personally, I never wanted a white dress. I know what colors look good on me and white? Is not one of them. With my combination of skin tone and hair color, I pull of bright, bold colors far better than white or pastel. But that article actually makes me want to go and find a big, white puffy dress for my far, distant future wedding.

Want to know what one of the biggest rules of throwing a wedding is? Make it your day. Stick to tradition or don’t, go for an all white wedding or not, just make it your day. As long as you’re happy and the flowers don’t catch on fire, everything is perfect.

Adding on to this post. Not only does the pay gap between men and women increase when they get married, it also increases when they get divorced.

On average, a married man will make more than a not married man. Companies seem to believe that those with families are the sole provider (which is sometimes the case) and/or are more reliable. Women, on the other hand, get paid slightly less if they are married than if they are single. I suppose companies then believe that the women is more likely to take a leave of absence for child rearing purposes.

After a divorce, while a man’s income will decrease and a woman’s increase, their expenditures will also change. In today’s society, custody is usually awarded to the mother and father’s pay full child support only half of the time. Therefor, a divorced woman with children will find herself paying more for food and will need to buy a place large enough for her children. A divorced man, on the other hand, will only need to pay for himself.

Either way, it seems that women end up loosing.