This week, US News has a new poll up. Because, you see, a woman involved in politics should not only be good at her job, but also be able to run a day care center. As everyone knows, a career woman is most interested in watching kids. Actually, I’m pretty sure that it even says “must be able to run a day care” under job requierments for the House Speaker, Governor of Alaska, and House Speaker. (I am leaving the First Lady off the list, since I don’t think she has a specific job description.)

If anyone is interested, Sarah Palin is leading, followed by Michelle Obama. Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi barely have 3% each. I’m not sure if that makes me laugh or cry. Apparently, having a daughter who got pregnant in her teens is more impressive then having a daughter who graduated from Standford. And that’s if you ignore the assumption that these women only got as far as they have because of their child rearing abilities.

Where’s the poll for the random male government officials who keep playing with the Obama girls on television? I would trust Joe Biden far more with small children than Clinton, Palin, and Pelosi.

In other news, a man tried to bring snakes on a plane. At least I know how to react to this news story.