Adding on to this post. Not only does the pay gap between men and women increase when they get married, it also increases when they get divorced.

On average, a married man will make more than a not married man. Companies seem to believe that those with families are the sole provider (which is sometimes the case) and/or are more reliable. Women, on the other hand, get paid slightly less if they are married than if they are single. I suppose companies then believe that the women is more likely to take a leave of absence for child rearing purposes.

After a divorce, while a man’s income will decrease and a woman’s increase, their expenditures will also change. In today’s society, custody is usually awarded to the mother and father’s pay full child support only half of the time. Therefor, a divorced woman with children will find herself paying more for food and will need to buy a place large enough for her children. A divorced man, on the other hand, will only need to pay for himself.

Either way, it seems that women end up loosing.


There are many reasons I avoid reading opinion pieces. Sometimes, they make my blood pressure spike up in a very dangerous way. For instance, this.

Let’s start with the first sentence: “Forget about what statistics say; men are better drivers. It’s that simple.”
Translation: Science and math are hard and we don’t understand what empirical evidence is, so let’s make up some stuff that makes us feel better about ourselves.

10. “They let their dogs in the car”.
Because every single woman ever is a Hollywood blond who likes being on camera. And of course no man ever let his dog into the car. Because that would be unmanly.

9. “They let their friends in the car”
Apparently, having friends and doing them favors makes you a bad driver. All of my friends with cars are female. Only one of them gets distracted by friends in the car. She also gets distracted by shinny things, bright lights, and funny signs. And again, because no real man ever lets his friends into his car. And of course no women have male friends or vice versa.

8. “They obstruct their vision with crap”
I don’t even know where to start here. I’m pretty sure men and women are equally likely to hang things on their front mirror.

7. “They sing while driving”
Not only is the writer of this article a self-centered idiot, he also has never watched Office Space. It probably wasn’t manly enough for him. Or met my Dad, the only driver I know who sings while driving.

6. “They use the mirrors to look at themselves”
I just really have nothing to say here. If this was a conversation, my jaw would be somewhere near the floor and I would be making odd gestures and sounds as I tried to find some bit of logic to cling to.

5. “They make calls and send texts while driving”
I don’t know if the writer got the memo, but that’s only a little bit against the law here, in California. And I hate to be the bearer of logical statements (no, wait, I don’t) but men are equally likely to text and call. More so actually, since men are more likely to want to break the law and get “one over the man”.

4. “They have no interest in cars”
And they also have no interest in computers, video games, pants, action movies, or any of the other completely male interests. Of course all men like cars is the other assumption here. Women should stick to things they are supposed to have interests in like shopping and cooking.

3. “They have no interest in driving”
See my comments for four. Except the part about pants.

2. “They have no spatial awareness”
I have a personal problem with this statement. First of all, at the age of twelve, I placed 12th in the country on a test measuring spatial awareness. Second, I know we’re ignoring science and all but still, let me try. There have been no studies to back up this finding. There have been studies showing that women actually sometimes have better spatial awareness and are more observant then men though.

1. “They have no driving gene”
There’s ignoring science, and then there’s standing on its grave and doing a little dance. If I have to tell you that there is no such thing as a driving gene, then my faith in humanity has died just that much more.

Bonus: “For just about everyone else, the only antidote is good insurance.”
And guess what insurance companies say to that? Oh yeah, they charge men more than women since men are more likely to cause accidents that end in injury or fatality.

I have decided that my battle cry is going to be “There is more difference between individuals of the same gender than there are between the two genders.” It’s not a very good battle cry, I realize, but at least it gets my point across.

I sometimes regret that psychology has become an official science. If it wasn’t, then maybe people wouldn’t take every single psychological study at face value and consider it fact. Like this one. That, or they should be required to bold the words ON AVERAGE and IN SOME CASES. And the fact that individual differences are far larger than gender differences.

Oh gender stereotyping, how I love you. Apparently women don’t like sports. (The blog post is making the opposite point, I however don’t actually have Cosmo to refer to.)

Personally, I’m not a big fan of sports. I find them rather boring to watch, and I’m not too good at them. But that’s my personal quirk and has very little to do with my gender and a lot more to do with the fact that I have no patience or attention span.

Also, I will most certainly not watch something just because a guy sitting next to me wants. (Of course, in my personal case it is far more likely to be a battle of Battlestar Galactica v. Star Trek rather than football v. a romantic comedy). What I find very interesting is that the people quoted in the article are supposed to be good at getting couples to stay together. HOWEVER, their advice is actually going against this goal. Couples that stick to traditional gender roles and interests are more likely to break up or get divorced than more adrogynous couples. (Androgynous here being used to describe gender roles rather than actual gender.)

Look at it this way, who has more in common and more to talk about: a stay-at-home mom who’s life revolves around her children and her businessman husband who spends his entire day surrounded by numbers or a two individuals who both work in the same industry? Generally, two people who share a job or interests or hobbies or anything else in common will get along better than two people who are nearly strangers to each other.

While all the political and economical scandals were unfolding last year, I innocently asked one of my politically interested friends why it seemed like men were always mixed up in these things. He went on for a while about how the ratio of men and women makes it more likely that a man will commit a crime and how women have it so much harder in both politics and business. He also pointed out that even a small set back would probably cost a woman more than a man and those who finally do reach the top are those who have managed to keep a clean record. And I have to say, I did – and still do – agree with his points. But now, I’ve finally gotten the article I’ve been waiting for: a female embezzler.

My new question is how many shoes did Bernie Madoff buy with his money.

I generally do not have access to a radio (with the exception of Pandora) or a television, so I don’t see or hear a lot of commercials. However, today, while getting my nails done, I did have the pleasure of listening to a lovely light rock station. What intrigued me however, was one of the commercials.

A female therapist was trying to work with a married man about his issues about cable. He was complaining that his wife was recording sappy, emotional shows and he was developing feelings. The therapist recommended that he switch to a different company where he could also record his shows. The gentleman was much relieved about this because he wanted to go back to being a macho man.

My points:
1. Apparently, gender stereotypes still sell. Or at least sell enough that commercials are still based around them. Because everyone knows that women only watch sappy, over emotional dramas and guys love their sports. And of course the husband and wife couldn’t split the two recordings between themselves.

2. I’d like to take a moment to point out that while there are differences between men and women, they are more like the differences between a yellow and a red apple, rather than an apple and an orange. But as long as people keep thinking that men and women are different species (or fairly close to that) lovely commercials like this one will continue to air and sell.

3. So the message of the commercial is “Switch your television provider to our company, and stop being a caring, emotional person and go back to being a beer swinging jerk”?

Or maybe I’m just looking too much into something overheard while waiting for my French tip manicure to dry. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go catch up on this weeks Battlestar Galactica.