I realize that there is a lot of controversy going both ways, but this sounds like an excellent idea to me. I know when I was first learning how to drive, I actually felt a lot better when there was a large, homemade sign in the back of the car identifying me as a student driver. I would have felt even better if it was possible to have it on top of the car done in neon lights.

Just knowing that people on the road knew that I was not very good at what I was doing made me feel better. Plus, they would give me a wide enough berth that if I did mess up in a new and creative way, the damages would be very limited. (Ironically, I was actually a pretty decent driver and had no major problems while learning how to drive – aside from a refusal to go over 20 mph.)

While the idea still needs some work and there are various problems that the article points out, I do think that in general it will make the roads a bit safer and some young drivers much less nervous.