Recently, an ulta Orthodox newspaper in Israel published a photograph of the new cabinet to exclude the two female members. Not only did they exclude them from the photograph, the two women were digitally replaced by two men. Somehow, the fact that taking them out was not enough seems to make this situation worse.

The official statement is that the editing was done to conserve the women’s modesty. However, since this is an official photograph of the new cabinet, both women are dressed fairly conservatively – much like the men in the same photo. Instead, it feels as if the Orthodox newspaper simply erased and re-wrote the accomplishments of the two women.


While all the political and economical scandals were unfolding last year, I innocently asked one of my politically interested friends why it seemed like men were always mixed up in these things. He went on for a while about how the ratio of men and women makes it more likely that a man will commit a crime and how women have it so much harder in both politics and business. He also pointed out that even a small set back would probably cost a woman more than a man and those who finally do reach the top are those who have managed to keep a clean record. And I have to say, I did – and still do – agree with his points. But now, I’ve finally gotten the article I’ve been waiting for: a female embezzler.

My new question is how many shoes did Bernie Madoff buy with his money.