The summer after Freshmen year of college, I worked as an assistant to a wedding planner. I learned many interesting things during that time (including how much I really didn’t want to be a wedding planner) about weddings, wedding traditions, brides, and duct tape. My boss really liked her trivia, so I spent a very large amount of time researching wedding traditions and history.

Guess what? White dresses don’t equal purity. The tradition actually started during the time of Queen Victoria. And a white dress did not mean a virgin bride – though of course it can. A white dress actually shows that the woman wearing it has the money and opportunity to buy a dress in a non-practical color that she will never wear again. Shocking.

Personally, I never wanted a white dress. I know what colors look good on me and white? Is not one of them. With my combination of skin tone and hair color, I pull of bright, bold colors far better than white or pastel. But that article actually makes me want to go and find a big, white puffy dress for my far, distant future wedding.

Want to know what one of the biggest rules of throwing a wedding is? Make it your day. Stick to tradition or don’t, go for an all white wedding or not, just make it your day. As long as you’re happy and the flowers don’t catch on fire, everything is perfect.